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I'm looking for the best gay porn Reddits. Which ones do you recommend, PornDude? Like the rest of the internet, Reddit is a beautiful place. It's one of the few websites on the internet that I can absolutely get behind including the gay s — and, as a straight man, I think that's quite a large compliment! The platform is easy to understand, simple to use and allows members to create their own communities for whatever it is they like.

Now, to make your own experience on Reddit — possibly the best site on the Internet for sharing porn — as convenient as possible, I've gone ahead and reviewed some of the best subreddits that are specifically catered to your queer wants and desires. Of course, I will just point out that not all of the links here are exclusively gay. That said, I do think that most guys are totally okay with going into places that are supposed to be for women to swoon over celebrities.

But if it's male appreciation on the menu, it reddit gay kink matter little who's dishing it out, right? Of course, that's only a sample of the fine subreddits which I've linked you to. There are literally dozens more worth checking out. Anyway, if you have a subreddit in mind that you don't see listed here but you think makes the cut, sen me a message, and I'll be sure to take a look. What kind of gay sex subreddits can I find on your list? I strive only for the best and most popular but also for a diversity reddit gay kink content when I do a list like this.

You can read about what I think of them in-depth by clicking on each link, but to get a quickie, see my blubs below. Lady Boner GW — As confusing as the title might be, this subreddit features nothing but the truly hottest guys on the interwebs. Gay Bros Gone Wild — Though some self-righteous queers consider them to be the bane of the gay community, gay bros love showing off their bodies and those of their fellow queer-o-sexuals.

Exhibitionists of the gay and bi variety will certainly have a new virtual home here. Penis — Nothing but dicks of all varieties here — check it out and enjoy. Gay Porn — You know what you are going to see here — homos humping, sucking, and fucking like crazy in the form of pics, video clips, and GIFs. Gay GIFs — Speaking of, GIFs are a fine thing and even better when they showcase porn — so, some dudes made a whole subreddit to show off their favorite super gay graphic interchange formats.

Rainbow — Being a general gay-themed Redditthere isn't a ton of porn, but some stuff you'll be interested in. LGBT — This Reddit is a general queer-themed subreddit which has a mix of general and erotic material. Gay — Though pretty damn generic, this subreddit focuses more on gay lifestyle stuff and doling out advice than porn.

Gaymers Gone Wild — Do you like playing games? The ones on television screens, of course, not the stupid ass mind fuckery that some faggots engage in. Man Gone Wild — Focusing on the male body and all of its parts, you're going to find a mix of amateur and professional porn showcasing all of the best bits of the male body. Most of the pics focus on the penis which is specific, but I'm sure you'll manage somehow.

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Totally Straight — Deed for people who identify as straight, but for some reason wank to queer smut, this is the subreddit for them. Sound weird? Sound hot? Well, there are over 87, users so the posters and admins must be doing something right. Hot Guys With Tattoos — What makes a good looking body even better? Why, some ink to go on top of it. Pictures of fine body art on fine bodies abound on this subreddit.

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Dick Lips — Ever wonder where that whole duck lips meme came from circa ? Well, my guess is that it came from sucking on big ass dick. Oh Cum On — Over 10, Redditors go to this to find weird and unique challenges reddit gay kink stuff to wank to. It's actually pretty creative, and I think worth checking out. Gay Bears — Muscles, bellies, and of course body hair abounds here, oh my!

Forearm Porn — Yep, apparently there is a fetish for guys with hot, throbbing, veiny forearms! Gay Cum Sluts — The cum sluts have united on Reddit and congregated here. On everyyou'll find nothing but boys drenched in cum — be it from themselves or someone else. Of course, there's a lot of variation in this fetish but to see the specifics, you'll have to click on it to find out for yourself.

Bi Gone Wild — Boys just want to have fun, especially the bisexual ones. On this subreddit, you're going to find switch-hitting dudes showing off their beautiful bods. Public Boys — Who doesn't like to show off? Well, me I guess. After all, if I did start posting pics of my penis or the rest of me, it'd probably break the internet. Anyway, if you're one of those guys who likes to engage in his exhibitionist side, this is a subreddit you need to be on.

Bulges — This subreddit is really closer to softcore porn, erotica, or perhaps voyeurism. Chest Hair Porn — Some guys — or based on the sub count a lot of guys — like seeing guys with a muscled chest covered in hair.

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Of course, there is more than just bare chests, but also arms, waists, and cocks which are worth looking at. Gay Porn Hunters — Ever found yourself looking for some weird, rare, or virtually unknown type of porn or a specific movie? Then your bros on this subreddit will have your back and help you out. Chastity — For some reason, some guys like not only being tied up, but having their junk restricted as well.

Self Service — This site is all about guys engaging in self-love. Cock — Just like it sounds, this subreddit is all about raging, throbbing, red, pink, and brown peen.

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Auto Fellatio — Gotta say, I was not at all turned on by the pics on this subreddit but was incredibly impressed. Boners In Public — Who says that hardons have to reddit gay kink a public embarrassment? I agree with the guys on this that they are something which a guy should be proud of. After all, there are some poor fuckers who have a hard time getting on…if they can get one at all. So, if you want to be proud of photos of your stiff package in a public setting or appreciate seeing those who are, this is the subreddit for you. Yaoi — For those unaware, yaoi is a form of erotic manga which features two young men, who fall deeply in love…and then their body parts fall deeply into each other.

Hell, I'm not gay and, if I get enough strong drink in me, have a strong affection even for man ass. If that includes you too, then check this subreddit out. Gay Daddy Pics — This subreddit is for men of a certain mature age — or at least those who look it — and the boys who love them.

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Beards, silver streaks, and muscles on mature men abound on this subreddit. There are photos and clips of sex pigs getting tied up, flogged well, put into chastity, and other kinky things. Tiny Dick — Well, there are dudes out there with abnormally small dicks…even freakishly tiny ones. So, it figures that there'd be a fetish out there for small peepees.

If that's you — that is if you have a small cock, like looking at them or both — then here's a subreddit that you can not only be proud of but find dudes who are proud of you. Do you like to dress up that way and post pics of yourself? Then this is the subreddit you need to be on. Jacking — This is another one where the title says it all. Petite ones, big ones, bouncy ones, some of the size of your head. Man Sex — While the title sounds like something that a Pakistani homosexual might come up and I think one probably reddit gay kink this is another subreddit with lo of dudes dropping lo in other dudes.

Military Men — Who doesn't love a man in uniform? The bros on this forum certainly do. If you do as well, check it out. Gay Sex Stories Gone Wild — Finally, something which is less visually motivated and will instead stimulate your mind in a different way. This subreddit has tens of thousands of readers and thousands of stories with new ones being posted every day. PornDude, are you also a gay Redditor? Well, clearly I have more than a little experience on Reddit and have sampled more than a little bit of the steamy stuff on these gay subreddits.

But no, I don't really contribute much to the discussion, and I haven't posted any pics or clips of myself showing off my body. If there are any petitions to see my goodies on any subreddit or anywhere else, let me know. No promises, but I will consider it.

How do I create my own gay subreddit? Fortunately, creating your very own gay subreddit is actually super easy these days. Anyway, to make your own sub, simply into Reddit once you have an and go to the create section. Start by coming up with a name for thebut be sure to keep it short and memorable. After that, enter in the description or what people are going to find there. In the sidebar, you should put in any additional information which you think people should know about your subreddit.

For instance, a lot of Redditors want their to be devoted to a single topic and not be clogged up by related but distracting posts. So, to cut down on that as well as reduce spam, they often direct people to post similar content on other reddit gay kink by dropping links.

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Speaking of guiding people, don't forget to post the rules. In order to get a following and keep your new from degenerating into chaos, be subject to infighting, filled with spam, and become rife with abuse, be sure to clearly spell out the rules. Not only will trolly boys and the occasional asshole not have an excuse for their behavior, but it'll be easier for any moderators that you attract to do their job. It's also helpful since the webmaster at Reddit has been known to quarantine translation: shut down entire communities in the past.

Furthermore, you should use unique font and formatting text to make your subreddit stand out. Fortunately, Reddit makes this pretty easy with built-in tools. Finally, the final touch you should add to your subreddit would be to post a custom icon. You can de your own using software like Adobe Reddit gay kink or, if you are as good at art as I am, you can get someone else to de one for you through sites like Upwork or Freelancer. I can't wait to the Reddit community and share my collection with other gay men, PornDude!

Then what are you waiting for? Once you do start posting queer links or set up your own gay subreddit, do me a favor and tell them who sent you. To make things even better, set up a Porn Dude subreddit to help spread my stuff around. So I'm going to level with you, this link here is not in any way, shape or form a place where you're supposed to go.

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I mean, the name of I think it's a fantastic So there's this type of community going around in the online sphere. Gay bros - I'm sure you've heard of it, and you know what it is, but Yup, I've said it three times because I think that's the best way to prepare my faithful readers here at My Gay Site Ah, where would we be without Reddit? That world-famous site that has been the center of a huge of controversies over the last few You love GIFs, right?

Well I'm guessing seeing as you're searching the web for GIFs of gay guys, the answer to that question is 'yes'. Put simply, this is where you'r This subreddit currently has over 13, I've used I mean, this place has the million-dollar name that makes it Did you know that there were subreddits for people to share pictures of themselves with an exclusively gay theme? Well if not, it's true!

Now while I understand that sissies are not the cup of tea of every gay bro out there, I think it would be silly not to include a few des People do go pretty damn crazy for tattoos and while they're not my personal favorite, I understand and appreciate the fetishism for them This isn't dick pics - oh no, it's a whole lot better, it's dick reddit gay kink That's right, there is a community for everything on Reddit, and So if you thought that Reddit was weird when it came to sex stuff, think again once you take a look at this subreddit. I mean, with a nam

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