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Besides all the parenting, travelling and fashion blogs here, I decided to bring out another activity that can help new and old couples improve their relationships. Despite being exhausted by the end of the day and barely having any time for ourselves, we need to take a break, sometimes, for our inner selves and know what our bodies crave.

You can probably take time out for a couple trip or weekend and carry out the massage session. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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It is always better to keep your accessories ready. You can even use normal olive oil or coconut oil, if easily available. But discuss with your partner about the massage oil preferred. You can add a few drops of clove oil to warm up whichever massage oil you use.

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There are plenty of massage stones and equipment in the market but none can emit the natural warmth that your palms can. Soft pillows are suggested so their necks are not strained. And, they will feel safer when you cover the areas you are not or have finished massaging, with towels. Grooming yourself would be a good idea because none of us appreciate a shabby massage therapist, do we?

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Your knuckles are a good option too. The idea is to connect with your partner physically and emotionally. You do not need a huge room to pamper someone. As long as there is enough space for them to lie down comfortably, you can continue. Keep the sheets clean so that no unwanted particles stick to the oily body. Light mildly scented candles around the room in safe places or just dim the lights a little bit in case there is no safe place for the candles. Make sure the room is at a pleasant temperature ; not cold and not too hot or stuffy.

You can play light soulful musicpreferably without words, at a low decibel. Make sure to keep enough music on your playlist to last until you are done or just do a repeat on loop. Avoid playing directly from the internet due to advertisements and wifi cuts that can spoil the moment.

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Place the towel to cover their body from neck to toe. Make sure NOT to spray or pour the oil directly on the body at any point during the session. Now comes the exciting part. Remember, it is desirable to repeat each action 8 times slowly and patiently. The first few touches should be long, lingering and purposeful. Massage gently behind the shoulders and nape in circular motion and rub over the shoulder bones to ease the tensed muscles. After that, sit lightly on their buttocks with your legs on either sides and rub the lower back in circles.

Then, stretch and climb upwards with your elbows pressing on each step. Repeat and make sure to check with your partner if the overall pressure is fine before turning them over. Then, mildly rub the middle of the forehead in circular motion. As you will need only one hand for this, use your other hand to slightly press the jawline down to the chin. Then, with both hands gently squeeze the earlobes between your thumbs and forefingers and run through the lining of the ears a few times.

Lightly massage around the chest and move over to the arms. Cross both the arms and pull for 5 seconds in opposite directions. Repeat the same massage method for the legs step by step grip hold from the ankle to the knee and then rub upwards till the thigh t. Also, make sure to massage the back of the thighs and knees. Press each toe and finger mildly and work a little on the ankles and wrists. You can do this between massaging the arms and legs or after massaging the legs.

See pictures for more information on where you can put pressure on palms and feet. Massage the stomach in an up and down motion. Slowly, slide your hands under the towel and repeat this action. While a massage is meant to loosen tension and sexy massage how to physical pain, it can also help unblock your mind.

A sensual body massageon the other hand, is widely known as the most luxurious form of foreplay. But, whatever you decide to do after this is totally up to you and your partner! Nevertheless, be confident, have fun sexy massage how to enjoy this activity as a couple! You can end it with a hot shower together. Have you tried following the steps above? How has it worked for you? Do you massage your partner in another way? I would love to know your thoughts on this couple activity. I am learning how to make my blog profitable. Want to grow your blog? Relaxation is really important. We should always do these things.

In these lock down times, By the end of the day i am like a dead log but my hubby is all set for some action. Massage is a great way to de-stress yourself from a long tiring day at work. Purpose of how it is done is a personal choice. But the relaxing feeling helps you rejuvenate yourself and have some me time amidst all chores. I agree with you, a massage is the most sensual and easiest way to create the mood with your partner. These are some great tips and I would love to try them out.

I have had the best massages in Indonesia where they use black rocks and other natural indigenous ingredients to relax your muscles and soothe your skin. Your post reminded me of that wonderful experience. I was quite good at it. Good read. After a busy and hectic schedule, all I need is a sensuous massage.

This is a perfect guide for the same. Massage has been grossly underrated for its therapeutic as well as sensual effects. The details you have listed are actually pat on point. If done properly massage can rejuvenate as well as excite for great time ahead. I have tried this a lot, believe me. It is best thing to do in weekend or most stressful days. This is something I have never thought of ever, but yes agree that body massages by the experts are most relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You have given some wonderful tips for us all. Wow what a relaxing way to connect with each other.

Very nice article I must say. Thank for sharing. This article is really important as the massage really helps to calm down people n also helps happiness. Loved the detailed post, Cindy!

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A massage is more than just about the massage. I like the prep and grooming tips. Reading this on a Sunday, makes me crave for one such massage. Wink This is so informative yet sensual. Massages are generally very essential for the body and if getting from a loved one then it can create more impact. Good tips and a fun and intimate way to have some together time. Parents of small kids probably have forgotten the sensual chapter from life!

I like body massages though, great to relax. So this is something new for me. Massage is a great thing to relax our body, mind and soul. With partner, it can always be special. My hub is great with accupressure points, I will suggest him this for sureā€¦This is a great article. That is a very nice post, different but good. Topic itself makes it pretty intriguing, esp for couples. This is good way to pamper.

These are really very nice and perfect article and I liked the tips you have shared!! Thanks for sharing!! I give a head massage and full body massagevery rare but now I will try the steps you mentioned.

Sexy massage how to

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