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Latest Replies. Young couple seeking older hotwife forums bull in Exe. We are a younger couple based in Exeter, seeking an older experienced bull for a hotel meet. I the cuck don't want to be at the meeting, it'd just be you and my partner. I just wanted pictures. Only people who are sane and considerate will be considered. I haven't been out of my cage for quite a few days now aside from a daily clean.

When I pleasure her in the ways left open to me, head, hand, toys etc. We have had a lot of this in recent days, so my cock and balls are red raw. Today she said, as getting ready for work, she wanted to leave me with some pain for the day.

I was ordered into the bed and told. She's with him right now. They found a hotel after a work thing, and she's with him. In a hotel near where they were. I've already had to watch my first video from him. This is he second time and she's really into it. I know she's going to hotwife forums relax and let go tonight.

They'll be very intimate. It's driving me crazy. And I can't help but play with myself.

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Oh fuck. Very sexy, love a slut in stockings, and those tits are fantastic. Amazing cleavage. We are in Ibiza right now and so that is going to be the main factor in finding a man to us, so whoever and whatever you are, if you have a cock and are in Ibiza anytime up to August 6th please.

If we were not limited by our location we would typically be looking for a man with stamina, a skilled lover, and ideally someone very well endowed - I am very small and like it that way, spending a lot hotwife forums time caged. When we have the opportunity to have a 3rd person us, w.

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New Bull in the Midlands. New Bull in the midlands looking for any couples or wives. Hit me up if interested. Dom hung bull in London. I have other chat apps as well Hidden Content. Newbie hotwife looking for sexting partners. Would love to chat. Shall we start on kick? Cock sucking. Sleeping wifes big bbw tits When she is on her side I regularly fuck her in the ass as she snores as deep as I can hotwife forums before unloading into her.

Sometimes she wakes up and gets instantly turned on when my cock pulses in her and then demands I finger her Hidden Content Hidden Content. Hotel Dash Doggy Style phone capture. Dropped the phone under me while I was being ridden doggy style! Loved every bit!

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Submitter fivemin Submitt. She used to tease me about how many times she used to come during the night with them. I was never allowed to watch either but did get the odd photo. I always used to wear her panties whilst she was out with them ….

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