Mother fetish

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I ask because I myself have a mommy fetish. However, that absolutely does not mean I was either sexually abused by my mom or had a poor relationship with mother fetish. I love my mom but I just happen to have to get sexually aroused when a woman displays a great amount of maternal compassion. Pretty much like how mothers treat their babies like playing with them, tickling them and all of that, except in my fetish case, mother fetish sexual tickling and kissing me everywhere, including my penis and testicles.

No worries I totally understand. It's just like any other fetish. You are totes allowed to enjoy what you want as long as everyone is happy with it. I'm always happy to have more little friends if you ever want to chat. Makes sense. It's the logical progression of things. If women are allowed to be attracted to older men bc they look mature I don't see why men can't do the same. I personally have that mommy fetish but I have a great connection with my mother. I think its cause I like having I nice kind but demanding and dominate figure in charge of me and my own connection with my mother I'd where it steamed from.

Things that go with this is the breast milk fetish, being submissive and such. Tell me about it. At least your daddy fetish isn't as badly frowned upon as mommy fetishes, especially since it's far more socially acceptable for you to be a daddy's girl than for me to be a Mama's Boy. I can't even have just a basic great relationship with my mom without men and especially women shaking their he at me. If I have a just a normal great relationship with a my mom, then women jump to the conclusions by assuming that I'm a very dependent and needy mama's boy.

I don't know about you since you don't sound like a judgemental-type at all. We switch our role plays and it's all messed up; I can't speak for all, but in my case it's a desire to be needed, admired and unconditionally accepted by the partner.

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I believe there are some childhood traumas involved, but the roots are emotional. In my case I'm getting something I've always lacked on a very deep unconscious level and it makes my partner supremely attractive to me. The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! People often tell me than when a man has that type of fetish in his mindset, it supposedly indicates that he has "mommy issues", possibly meaning that he was sexually abused by his mother.

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Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Mother fetish. Does a man with a mommy sexual fetish ify that he was sexually abused by his own mother? Add Opinion. BellePepper 3. Not all fetishes come from some sort of trauma. Maybe a guy who's into this didn't have a good maternal figure or home life. Maybe he has a very hectic and insecure job. Show All Show Less. Lyndsielee 3. Mesonfielde 5. I don't think so, although that is a fetish I will never understand.

It is quite creepy, despite that Sigmund Freud claimed this is an essential part of sexual development. I have my doubt's. Up Now! Related myTakes. Not getting to see the big picture. My life with Aphantasia.

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Bible Facts that Help me forgive others. Issues that men face in society. So, you think you can dance like us old folks? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Mother fetish

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