What is a breeding fetish

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Sep 8. Posted by drmarkgriffiths. In a blog I examined maieusiophilia that according to Dr. This blog briefly what is a breeding fetish impregnation fetishes that may or may not depending upon the definition used be a sub-type of maieusiophilia. In researching this article I was unable to locate a single academic paper that had examined impregnation fetishes not even a passing reference so all of this blog is based on non-academic and mainly online sources. The following three definitions — not identical but all having overlaps — were found on the Kinkipedia website, the online Free Dictionaryand the Psychology Wiki website:.

This would at least suggest that the thought of impregnation alone might be enough for impregnation fetishes to be a sub-type of maiesiophilia. There are a of dedicated websites that cater specifically for such fetishists, the most popular at least in terms of of visitors appears to be the ImpregNation website.

For instance:. I also visited lots of online forums and found dozens of people admitting that they had an impregnation fetish. Here is a selection:. Based on the many s that I read, it would appear that both young men and women can have impregnation fetishes but there was little to explain the etiology. On the Is It Normal? Unfortunately, we can only speculate as to how such fetishes develop. Most fetishistic behaviour begins in childhood or adolescence and many appear to be rooted in early associative pairings e.

There is no reason to suggest that is not the case here, but few of the s I came across mentioned early formative experiences. The jury is still out on whether impregnation fetishes are a sub-type of pregnancy fetishism but my own reading is that they may overlap within individuals but are two separate phenomena. Aggrawal A. Bastion Works Kinkipedia Impregnation fetishes. January Psychology Wiki Impregnation fetish.

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Pregnancy fetishism. Bookmark the permalink. I just love baginas, I love looking at them, rubbing them, sucking them and even putting my benis in them and vigorously rubbing it back and forth for minutes. Thank you for writing this. I had a man I am interested in, but not dating, tell me about his desire to impregnate me and I was beyond alarmed. Seems as this is more common than I thought, even with the lack of research available. Thanks again! The breeding fetish where I try to impregnate as many women as I can.

To date I have impregnated over 40 women. The other fetish, and one that possibly turns me on more is the pregnancy risk fetish.

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It is a game for both of us and if I get her pregnant we lose. Okay, I get how pregnancy Russian roulette is a fetish, or a dude wanting to be pregnant, or wanting to get knocked up by an animal or alien, or anything outside of the norm when sex happens, but sex basically is about a finite list of human responses. How is THAT a fetish? How is this something twisted or odd in any way really? A fetish defies biology. Just so stupid. A Scab To Pick. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Sowing the seeds of love: A brief look at impregnation fetishes Sep 8. Those with an impregnation fetish may indulge in their fantasy through erotic stories, chat with like-minded persons or actually act out the fantasy with a partner.

Role-playing is often a large part of this sexual fetish, as many do not actually wish to have but rather are aroused by the possibility during intercourse. It appeals to me on so many different levels.

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Do any other girls think like this?? I was role-playing with a guy that I thought just had a pregnancy fetish but turns out he was more interested in the actual aspect of making me pregnant, which was fine. We role-played a fantasy where he got me pregnant, but sadly it ended there. His fantasy was just the knocking up part, after all — mine was the actual being pregnant part.

Any takers? Please be years old…. It makes me feel like a mindless animal but at the same time entices me. Am I too young to be thinking like this? The thought drives me insane, I just want your legs wrapped around me pulling me in. I want to feel that wanted and desired to make someone a mommy. This led to meeting several women and I impregnated one of them … This only emboldened me and led me to knocking up three more women…I am currently seeing a girl who is about to move back home and I feel like I should knock her up.

Is this insane? I have a fetish that revolves around pregnancy. I get massively turned on by the idea of getting pregnant. I also get turned on by the idea of my sexual partner sucking on my breasts and drinking my milk. In my deepest fantasies I am a perpetually pregnant woman who exists for no other purpose than to be knocked up and milked by anyone who cares to breed me. Basically, a broodmare. This fantasy is beyond degrading to women and I hate that I have it. I also should point out that I am totally infertile I had a hysterectomy when I was in my what is a breeding fetish early teensso I will never actually be pregnant in my life.

What should I do? Am I insane? Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex. Juno Books. Like this: Like Loading He has published over research papers, five books, over book chapters, and over other articles. He has served on numerous national and international committees e. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over radio and television programmes since View all posts by drmarkgriffiths ».

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What is a breeding fetish

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What Is a Breeding Fetish?