Mac users be sure to read the directions to switch the hot key for the Mac keyboard Ctrl key, then follow the normal directions for monitor switching. Hot Key switching between setups works as advertised. The switch supports resolutions of up to x pixels. A selection of dual monitor KVM switches can be found here: Thank you for your inquiry.

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Unfortunately, no, this switch does not support an external power adapter. I use it to network my printer and fix clients computers which makes this a great tool for that. It skips that open port when not hooked up which is really convenient.

GCSU – IOGEAR 4 Port VGA/USB KVM Switch – Incl. Cables & Audio Support

To share 4 monitors with one CPU, you would need something like this: Info Related Questions Reviews. This is a great solution for anyone who wants to share a single monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers between multiple computers.

Using wireless keyboards and mice is very hit or gcs63u4 when it comes to KVMs. This early flakyness and lack of functionality for independent swithching of sound leads me to expect this thing will not work for long. The unit has locked up, requiring a reset.

If it worked, it would merely mirror the video output on two screens.


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A hotkey button on the unit itself; not something everybody might want, but it would be handy for some cases. Is it possible to plug it in one of the USB port? This allows you to easily change from one computer to the other. I was able to use on of the cables to hook up my gccs634u monitor to the Iogesr, not needing to unhook any monitor VGA cables I was using from my other monitors.

Please check your local sales tax laws. The switch supports resolutions of up to x pixels. If not, please tell me will it work without monitor connected at all?

Two cables are built into the switch and two are detachable. Will this switch work with Windows 7 Pro?

IOGEAR MiniView 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Built-in GCSU B&H

I use it for my multiple desktops I want to network and simplify the uses for them, which this product is fantastic for! See any errors on this page? However, this product application has not been tested and we cannot guarantee the compatibility.

Boosting power with a hub only works for the mouse port, not the keyboard. This KVM switch allows you to easily share a single monitor, keyboard, mouse, microphone and speakers between multiple computers, regardless of your reasons. How you use the product: I’ve used this KVM with 4 workstations 3 windows, 1 linux for about a month and have had none of the problems you would expect to find on lesser and cheaper KVMs.


Good price and company. Things that are great about it: Also no software to download or install, your computer will automatically notice the switch and work from there.

4-Port VGA USB KVM Switch with Audio and Cables

VGA resolution of up to x is supported, making this a great solution even for large displays. A selection of dual monitor KVM switches can be found here: When using a PC keyboard, a special set of hot keys are designed to emulate the special keys on Mac and Sun machines. Maximizing Multitasking Read Bcs634u.

It may be possible iobear set it up as you describe, but we could not guarantee compatibility. Can you run a dual monitor setup with this KVM using a Y-cable from the video output and plugging in two monitors?