Do I need to install more software to capture the video?? I would have never though to use my phone! All links have been updated. Are you using Windows 8. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you so much for the post, the driver EasyCap-W7-Wx64 work fine for my easy capture. I got a EasyCap.

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Easycap dc60 driver for windows xp? | Yahoo Answers

My serial number is on the mini installation CD that came with it. Do you have a link I can use to download? I hope this helps someone. I use this to capture the video signal for use in vMix.

Small Business – Chron. Much better to feed the audio into line in. I can not install corectly in windows 8.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Video is OK, but no luck with the audio. I downloaded both links.

Ulead Video Studio Skype always gave the message that it could not start the video and to close other programs… but there were none. Please and thank you.


Instructions for EasyCap DC60 on XP Home |

I have the same problem. Choose the option to select the device from a list and click “Next. The CD that came bundled drivers attended only win XP.

Admin and ask for password which I have no idea what it could be. It would record the video but no audio.

Easycap Dc60 Problem

Si alguien logra hacerlos dar, por favor suban el link df60 de los drivers que si funcionaron. What drive is for Wondows 8. Although I did have such a cable in my box of spare TV cables in the garage.

I was able to have my crappy EasyCap 2. There is no selection for It also states within the help file that it is not compatible with Vista, Win7 or 8. I tried installing the drivers, but it is not successful. I see many people saying thanks but I have never been told what I can do to get the software.


Error while installing services. Joseph, I installed this drivers on my Windows 10 Pro x64 without any problems. Then the system do not allow to change it to any other driver provided within this page.

I think i have the same issue. At all may it a driver problem? You can also search by the following link: Did you install the driver that came with the device or did you download it from one of the links above?

We promise to do everything possible to put things right for you. So I tried toDisable driver signing enforcement, but still had same problem any ideas from anybody.

Easier Cap DC usbtv on Wimdows