CompactFlash is the choice of professional photographers, partly because of its greater physical robustness and partly because of the ultra-capacity cards now available – 1Gb cards are common these days, and 2 and even 3Gb models are available. The DV’s lens is, as usual, a teeny little spycam-ish unit hiding inside a chunky plastic surround. Unlike the earlier cameras, the DV has two video quality modes. There’s no focus ring on the DV’s lens, but experienced toy-cam fiddlers won’t be daunted by that. These “super-toy-cams” have the basic problems of all baby digicams. And yes, that’s only 1. On the subject of which – the shot-to-shot time time between taking one still picture and being able to take another for the top resolution mode was a lazy 12 seconds.

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This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now vv3000 their own Leica models using Lego kits. They commonly refuse to even try, and just bleep at you to tell you to turn on some more lights.

Cameras musgek Aloysius Low Dec 6, Conclusion As a cheap general purpose device that can take pictures and record video clips the DV has a lot going for it.

mustk Controls and features The DV doesn’t have even a token optical viewfinder so framing shots in bright sunlight isn’t much fun – that mighty one and three-eighth inch LCD screen washes out easilyand it doesn’t have an off switch that triggers when you close its screen. There’s still some detail in the houses, and there’s colour in the sky. Mustek DV digital camera Review date: And, in all important respects, it is.

Super-toy-cams aren’t dirt cheap keyring trinkets like the tiniest toy-cams, and if all you want to do is shoot stills then the basic Kodak or Olympus is a better choice.



Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, Outside the camera coped quite well, but as you can see the white patio set has become a little bit bleached out. Mine was a random retail sample, and people don’t d3000 to be complaining to Aus PC Market about fuzzy indoor shots, so maybe mine was a fluke. There is a sample movie Dogs. X This site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience.

Behind the fold out TFT are all the picture controls, arranged much like a Canon video camera. Small, cheap digital still and video camera.

Mustek DV3000 Multi-Function Digital Video Camera w/1.5-inch LCD and 2x Digital Zoom

Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 19, This, plus significant shutter and exposure setting lag, means that the DV is not a camera for fast action photography. Photo 1 dv33000 inside using natural light As you can see mid range detail is quite well captured, but darks are a bit too dark and light dog shaped items are a bit too light and tend to wash out a little.

A lens with about a 45 degree field of view is known as a “normal” lens, because it approximates the field of view of human vision. The goods are safe and durable. It’s the same as the Mustek-branded versionthough. The lens has some kind of funky red coating on it which may or may not do something the last time I saw a little lens this colour it was on the worst webcam I’ve ever reviewed If you want a little tiny camera that doesn’t feel cheap and cheesy, doesn’t have long shot-to-shot times, takes decently sharp pictures at its maximum resolution, blah blah, there are plenty of options out there.



White Balance White Balance. The top resolution is supposed to be achieved by “hardware interpolation”. Super-toy-cams aren’t as silly as they look, though. Push it up against a doorframe, sit it on a table, whatever.

As usual for memory cards among other storage devicesthe one that comes with the DV isn’t quite as big as the sticker says. Recording on a card is useful as it means you can buy a bigger card to increase the video recording time or the number or pictures you can take. The glass doesn’t seem to be specially coated, or anything; it might be an IR filter, but I suspect it’s just a bit of glass, fv3000 in place by friction.

Since it is silent in operation you get no camera noise. Its real focal length is much shorter, but it’s aimed at a tiny little CMOS sensor; short focal length lenses pointed at small sensors behave like longer lenses pointed at bigger sensors, as far as field of view goes. I don’t like the digital zoom mustdk the fact you can’t zoom while recording video.

If all you want is still photography, then a base-model Kodak or Olympus is a better choice. Aus PC Market don’t sell this camera any more click here to see their current camera-related productsbut you can still try a price search at DealTime! A walk through wood land with the dogs was a bit of a mess, well actually it was a total mess and the result was really a case of spot the moving blob.