The serial card is fantastically solid under all versions of Windows. On Wed, 11 Feb RS is a single twisted pair that must be shared by both Transmit and Receive. I thought the 1ms interrupt happened on NT as well, but I’m a Unix guy Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password? Once the last character has started to be transmitted, there is no need to request for permission for more characters and the RTS can be dropped at any convenient time, even during the transmission of the last character.

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USB on Windows is still not quite solid. On 12 Feb When “0” Space is transmitted, the RS transmitter is also enabled driving the line actively to the “0” “dominant” state. I would consider writing a new driver but alas, I have no time at this stage.

The serial card is fantastically solid under all versions of Windows. It’s not that simple, you can’t do full-duplex on RS Apr 17, 6. There are various ways it could be serila, such ub waiting a character time after the final interrupt to give the last character a chance to get out, or sending an extra dummy character into the queue and switching off RTS before it gets sent.


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I have pumped so much data through the serial port under all 32 bit versions of Windows on all sorts of computers in Australia and overseas with total success. At least NT seems to have a timer interrupt every 10 ms or every 15, ms with multiprocessor kernelsso the time between the checks could be this long, corresponding to more than character times at k2.

Is there a recommended USB to serial (DB9) converter lead for C-Bus?

That’s what the Windows driver guys I know told me. What about using Can? It checks the shfit-register empty status bit every millisecond until true, then drops RTS.

Reply Start a New Thread. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. Has anyone seen this before? Apr 20, Its always a potential problem. Search Forums Recent Posts.

Other possibilities would be RS and RS If so is there an easy work around?

USB/LC | 1 port USB to RS adapter cable

Apr 17, 4. This works quite well for short lines a few meters at moderate dontrnoics. I can work around that in my code, but I would prefer not to.

Does a standard Windows without enabling multimedia timers really have timer interrupts every millisecond.

Dontronics USB converter | Electronics Forums

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? What I have found is that if I try re-opening the com port straight away then the second time is successful. Sign in Sign in Remember dontrlnics Forgot username or password? Actaully I have never done any windows programming, but the windows programmer working on my project dosen’t know anything about hardware, so I would like to design out these hardware problems if they are going to be an issue.


Such busy looping might be acceptable in MS-DOS type single thread systems but not in serual operating systems. When a “1” Mark bit is transmitted, the transmitter is switched off and the termination resistors pull the line to the “1” “recessive” state.

A less reliable method which works surprisingly well on short distances is to run it in a similar way as the CAN bus was originally used with RS drivers before dedicated CAN drivers were available. The other problem is that if I restart the PC, and leave the serial device connected, WinXP thinks it has found a new serial mouse. Apr 17, 5.