Developers should run the AutoVersioner software before committing to the repository to reflect the most recent revision. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Audio play is not supported for other searches – backward search, cut-by-cut search, etc. If you check on here the image will have Watermark authentication mark. You can set it immediately and from 1 hour to more than 4 hours. Thats may be videonet model.

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Input camera number of related camera that diginst detect and record related motion at the same time. Time should be setup beyond current recording time.

4ch diginet dvr card Hikvision h.264 dvr card HK-DS4004HCI

Once motion is detected, the frame rate will jump to the level set for emergencies. When selecting the image file you wish to change from [Find] button, file will appear and when you select [Go] button from here, selected image file will convert and appear as Emap.

This feature allows continuous recording to occur while not using a lot of hard drive space, but provides better video rates when needed. When a control output occurs by manual control and automatic setup time, corresponding number of control icon from E-Map image will indicate status of the control output.

Variable frame rate on Continuous Recording The variable frame rate feature was created for special cases where continuous recording is required. In order to do this, select the date you wish to delete from [Holiday List] and click [Delete]. Even a new computer with XP loaded has like fixes installed, and new ones ongoing. I also have different Kodicom drivers tested without success!


Wait until progressing work is done: Wait until the processing work is done; start the backup after current backup and waiting data have finished their backup. TRANS connection site 2. The standard for repairing, replacement or reimbursement follows Customer Warranty Content Any defect under normal use within the warranty service period we give you free repair service according to the warranty sheet.

This product has certification for domestic and industrial use.

Select from list according to the type and location of installed camera, control, and sensor. Then, click on [Start Format] button. If you are buying your boards from overseas, you my be unknowingly guilty of Intellectual Property Theft.

Kodicom DigiNet DVR, DigiNet , Kodicom Software, New Kodiom Drivers

Move to last month. We are selling a similar card to the Kodicam and using the same software with the same functions as the Kodicom R, we call it the Apollo You can assign the external sensor number.

DigiNet is a registered trademark of Kodicom Digital Recorder. I’m not sure where you are buying your boards, but they are not supported.


Can someone explain me the differences that justifies the gap of price between geovision’s cards and conexant’s one?

Is it because of all the XP frequent security fixes? Zooming the searched image can be done only with one camera. The procedure for Time backup is the same, except that the backup will appear in diignet root directory of whatever drive is selected, in a folder named KDB. Motion Detection Record This is used when recording is done using motion detection. Correct port is selected from the manufacturer.

Please contact the distributor after checking out any defect in the product. A pop up menu will appear if you click [Simple mode] on the right hand side of corner. Warranty Guide Check this warranty sheet first.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

You can set it immediately and from 1 hour to more than 4 digjnet. Sensor setup can be done by camera and use time. I’m not sure if Kodicom has fixed it yet. It is real time on 4 channel8 fps for pal on 8 channel, 4 fps for 12 channel and fps for 16 channel.