Billy Sheehan is onto this type of tone, he always cuts thru very well. Although, secretly, I was hoping it was a “guitar” and not a bass DiMarco , Sep 17, Nov 19, Messages: Try Heart of the Sunrise and Starship Trooper as well.

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V36 I find intriguing is that that distinctive ric tone is very similar between the Rush songs and Yes, given that Lemmy’s and McCartney’s sound were quite a bit different. No more Warwick for now. COngratuations, Marco it is a beautiful bass. PaulSDiMarco and Dazed like this.

FPod FirmWare for DaZed, Yepo etc. (RUSSIAN)

From what I’ve heard, these speakers dazec particularly good at HC stuff, but maybe not the absolute best for music still good though. RIPSep 17, Hello Kevshed I use these as my main speakers along with v61 for rears and a v6c for centre. Mar 3, Messages: Oct 1, at 5: Billy Sheehan is onto this type of tone, he always cuts thru very well.


Nachobassman Oct 8, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Dec 10, Messages: Sounds more agressive then ordinary models, almost as if you have an overdrive pedal when you dig in. One of the main things I have noticed is the amount of detail that I can now hear in films that I have seen several times before. Jul 31, Messages: RIPDec 30, Sep 28, at 8: Good deal I hope?

Oct 28, Messages: No, create an account now. I would have grabbed one of the new “stealth” Rics.

Compared to the current model it has the neck pickup positioned closer to the neck half an inch instead of one inch and the horseshoe magnet style bridge pickup. Currently the electronics in it are being upgraded to original sixties specs, using new old stock caps etc.

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Incoming! (rickenbacker v63 Pr0n Alert) | Warwick Forum

NachobassmanSep 17, Fx Pedals DiMarcoJan 1,in forum: NachobassmanSep 18, Sep 27, at DemBoneZOct 8, It is wound differently from the current bass toaster pickup Rickenbacker are selling as a replacement and sounds more clear and open. Might get one again in the future.


This ’63 reissue was built in The action on it is nice and low. TechJunkySep 14,daze forum: