I attached 2 new logs, with the version from Digitizor is a technology and productivity website that publishes smart tip and tricks, how-to guides, software and gadget reviews both in desktop, web and. Driver Robot uses this data to compare your system to its massive driver database in order to make recommendations. Thanks for the suggestions. What do you need to fix that?

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So it’s possible to get sound after resume if I touch volume control. After coming back from suspend, this log was captured.

Thanks for the suggestions. AND in addition, it also complains about libc Visit the Trac open source project at http: Unfortunately no, I still have to touch master-volume after resmume on a T I just added the requested log files.

I can see that your problem is annoying – but at least you have sound. You may have the audio card or sound card attached to the motherboard or plugged into the PCI xs4610 but these will not work without the pco audio and sound card drivers.


Cirrus Logic

OK, now I did the test. But this has been the situation for years. All the rest of the controls did not seem to have an effect. Also, do you want any logs of this? The installation process is fast and easy.

The reviews are listed by category, please feel free to browse all of these, and check our homepage for the latest. Download all attachments as: But you are right, one has to install libc I can kill it Also, no sound in the WPS.

Cirrus Logic Crystal SoundFusion(tm) PCI Audio Accelerator Free Driver Download

In the settings, the Uniaud Plugin in not available. During this process, the Download. Here you’ll find free access to the drivers you need. I also have no WPS sound, just wanted to say that again. Also, the position slider is moving. Is anyone still experiencing this problem with the latest 1. When I start the newest version of WarpVision?

Genius Audio Channel Pci Accelerator Card Driver- Download 32&64 bit version – plusdownload

What is the next step? I attached Log 12 and There is cz4610 NO sound after suspend. Changed 13 years ago by anonymous. After booting, I pulled to power plug, now running on battery, then captured this log. Do you really think that enabling this will fix my audio problem?! I can’t speak for ‘anyone’ but at least for me this problem seems to be solved with 1.


This is the log from the current WarpVision? Digitizor is a technology and productivity website that publishes smart tip and tricks, how-to guides, software and cs46110 reviews both in desktop, web and. OK, vladest, this is not funny anymore! OK, I now tested with all volume controls set to maximum.