Kik match game

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Kik games are pretty intense. Ever since Kik introduced bots, users have been struggling hard to see any sensible use of them that justifies their fairly in-your-face advertisement utility for the company. Remember the Goosebumps series from your childhood where you read the story in the first person and chose what happened next at the end of the ? Digitise that, and you have Kik game bots.

Every 24 hours, you have a new game to play on the app. Make a high score and share it with the world. There is leaderboard to climb every single day. The games cover a variety of genres, from adventure to action, sports and arcade along with more. Pretty fun, right?

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A game based loosely on the match-3 concept, MojiHunt is not very happening, but it does help you kill some spare time. Collect Easter eggs by finding emojis on gifs you receive from the bot. You have to do it quick; you only get 60 seconds. The Gifs are often kind of funny too.

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Pay attention to your teacher. Candy Escape can come off as a bit juvenile, with the unpolished images and everything. Solve puzzles, carry out the right moves and escape the grasp of the delicious Candy King. Ah yes, the classic rock paper scissors game! You can never go wrong with this game.

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Well, use the bot on kik! Use the right implement at the right time to score victories in this game of wits between man and machine.

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See if you can figure it out. Tip: It helps you win matches against people too! Points to the storyline for how engaging it can be at times. The app has had as kik match game asplayers with more coming each month. Another bot based on curation of games, GamePix can be really useful in getting rid of boredom. The games it offers you when prompted can be really entertaining.

It has over of them, and they span all sorts of genres and user interests. But it is sufficiently entertaining. Escape from Spooky Street requires you to explore your surroundings and face the tasks you must complete getting 5 magical candies. Test your mettle against 5 scary monsters that stand in your way, and when you triumph, the spell can be reversed. For a chatbot based game, Arterra sure carries an excellent level of detail. The main missions are kind of interesting, but so are the side-quests and minigames you encounter.

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The story is intense, but these embedded mini-games are what really grabs your attention and makes things interesting. You can even use these games without a smartphone by using the app online a step by step procedure can be found here.

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There are a few more, but I figure these are the best the kik bot store has to offer right now. Several of these are kik-exclusive, so be sure to try them. LOG IN. Recover your password.

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Kik match game

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[List] 8 Best Games you can Play on Kik to Kill your Free Time