But the sad news is I am not able to connect to internet at all neither thru wireless not with a LAN cable. And surprisingly when I set it to bridged I am able to open all the sites. They are very popular because of their price point. Although the service of BSNL is pretty good, but the worst part is in the initial setup. Take screen shots of your modem settings for future use. In that, fill your details such as your BSNL user name and password, enable WEP encryption and last thing is enable router security password in order to avoid intruder access.

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Can some expert help me? It would be much appriciated if u could post the solution once bsnk have it. Regards Thank you A krishnan.

How to convert normal BSNL broadband modem to Wi Fi?

I strongly recommend going broadbabd a private player. The problem with me is both r situated at two different corners of my home. P, let me know plz. How can I reset the password?

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

The dialup window says the line is busy. The orignal one had rating: But I need to connect VPN for my office purpose. Even though you want wireless wifi usage, for the first time to configure bsnl router to connect a desktop or laptop through a modej connection as shown below.


My problem is that I cannot access internet from my Apple iphone. You have not given feedback to various suggestions made. Maybe some memory leaks or something like that. You can make it directly using this tutorial… 1: Wi Fi can i use both at the same broadbanr

Router for BSNL or MTNL broadband

One is connected to the ADSL. The home size plays critical role in choosing the router nodem and speed. Connected the ethernet cable to the LAN port of laptop but unfortunately no green light could be seen on the ethernet port which I can see when I connect the ethernet cable to my CPUs ethernet port.

In the process, I reset it to factory settings.

Once you have decided to buy, if you try purchase online, you will be bombarded with so many options like ADSL routers, Ethernet routers, RJ port, RJ port, Router with modem or Router without modem. But the kodem will be of only of Win7.


How to solve this? I hope it was useful for you.

This is the most important part and requires only one time customization. Range is good, but not exceptional.

How to convert normal BSNL broadband modem to Wi Fi? | Digit Technology Discussion Forum

So my doubt is that will I be able to broadbznd always using this IP? Please help me with this Thank You. If it stops for any reason at all, god help you. I mean nothing gets saved on my modem… the problem emerged recently without any misconfiguration…. Your reply will be much appreciated. A detailed description would be quiet helpful. Which modem you are using, I could have adsp you details if I knew the modem company name.

Alright the first thing u must do while posting a query is be specific.

They are very popular because of their price point. Always mention your modem model. For XP the method is almost the same.