The warning is related to the error that follows. Im using Opensuse Wed Nov 26, 1: Should I go down to Opensuse Table of Contents Configuration notes. This will keep your changes consolidated in one place. Type 3 and 4 are the preferred drivers for performance and all java solution reasons.

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This will be covered in the next topic.

Borland InterBase Download Page

Also note that most JDBC obrland throw the java. Be sure to add it to the correct Tab and set to Align Client after you add the frame. There four types or classes of JDBC drivers: The user can view the notification by clicking on bodland record on the Notify tab.

For ibterclient template the default users are technician1 and technician2. Wed Nov 26, 1: Hence in our example a rs. Opensuse is my favorite! The simplest way probably is for the program to set the driver directly in the application. You’d only want to do that, IMHO, if you were exposing a new type of resource for which there was no existing adapter and that you planned on using extensively in future integrations.

You should be able to hook up remote notifications as well through this existing local notification system.


But when to gets it ibterclient read a table or view we get the following error log. Its vendor Inprise Corp. Appointments are records that can be viewed in the Field Service App client. This type of driver needs the ODBC driver code and in most cases needs the database client code on the client machines. Remember that you will need to load one style for each of the four deployment platforms. Josh Jablonski Niterclient, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting.

You maintain supportability 2. How to use InterClient to connect to InterBase database.

Configuring Enhydra to use InterBase

JDBC driver and Borland interclient help us please. Interclient is an InterBase open source.

The Service History list is a view into the Appointments and only shows Appointments that have been their status set to Complete for this technician for today. What are JDBC drivers, where they are used, and how they are classified. Even if you re-sync the data from the server and your changes have not been uploaded yet it will apply your existing local changes to this new data until which time it is able to upload the changes to the server. The SQL commands can be broadly classified into executing commands and query commands.


VerifyError Using InterClient 2. The notification functionality is built so that you can implement your own remote notifications using the same system if needed. Now that the query has been executed the results will need to be analyzed one at a time using the loop.

You can view a static map of the address of the borladn plus you can press a Locate button to bring up an interactive map of the address. There is an accessor method available for every Java language datatype, such as getString and getShort.

Developer Tools

In order to overcome this problem we can use a properties file. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver. So a database could be moved from one machine to the next, and only the name repository would have to change, not the application. Javadoc for InterClient 3. Thamks Mike Michael nospam.