The car is falvor of the month right now. It is in the same price category as the Caliber. At the risk of becoming the Kirvorkian of Cars, I recommend we wait and see before pronouncing this model a success. Maybe even the Nissan Versa! Lots of cars are regarded as ugly when they first appear. I’m old enough that I can actually admit having bought a new Ford Pinto on my 18th birthday, no less.

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According to the above referenced website, the Toyota Prius is not eligible for any hybrid tax credit full canadiandrivrr partial. I seemed to have found gods gift to driving through the random situations which south central Alaska is known to generate.

Good reviews, lots cajadiandriver sales, lots of fans and then… Dodge Caliber! Anyway… the most important question I have is this: While the Caliber may be less expensive than a new OBS or Forester, you can get an less-than-1 year old one canadiandtiver about the same price as this. Even he said most people hated driving it…wow honesty…: The back end looks like someone who tried to copy a Volvo wagon while under the influence of hallucinogens, or was told that he could not spend so much on taillights.


Here is an idea, drop the 3. Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars. The time spent in researching and joining your local chapter www.

Dodge Caliber Review

The problem here is that everyone is comparing the Caliber to cars in higher classes while forgetting what it costs. That said, I am predicting the new Jeep Patriot about to come out will actually steal sales from the Caliber.

And there is NO domestic competition to speak of. There where whole sites dedicated to Neon tuner parts. Way back in the day I used to spec parts for a computer company.

People on this board may zing it, but the buying public loves it. And are they coming out of the US plant? Not bad considering no need Shame to see DCX drop it for this wannabe truck thing. Not really trying to flame but you scare me. The acceleration and noise get better with some miles and the CVT canadiandrive getting used to.

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Thanks for the confirmation, Lesley. It’s about as sporty as a baseball cap on a bank clerk.

On the whole, I think it is a very nice vehicle, but Dodge really needed to pair it with a decent subcompact in order to take advantage of the rising fuel costs. In any case, The Dodge Boys sxf revisit the Caliber soonbefore they lose all credibility in the four-cylinder sweepstakes.


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I like what DCX is trying to do but they will need to do better if they want to differentiate themselves from Ford and GM. Nothing was as ugly as the Aztec.

Anyway, I kinda like the exterior. Oh yeah… every time I see this car I expect a bunch of clowns to jump out of it. I would be embarrassed to be on the engineering teem that designed this.

Third, my Caliber is also passing up gas stations. The acceleration and noise get better with some miles and the CVT takes getting used to The cars I had were SXTs with the height adjustable seats so I was able to get quite comfortable.

Can anyone tell me why Dodge might have thought Caliber was canadiandgiver ideal vehicle to export to Australia as the first new model in the Dodge brand canadianrriver here?

Just what where they thinking about. My payments are only a month!

The one I drove was build in Sept and still on the lot as of March.