Once the cover is removed, the battery and the memory card slot are revealed. It has lots of features, and despite having it for so long I have yet to use the Scenes Twilight landscape, twilight potrait, sports, etc feature! Read all comments Post your comment. I got the i because the joystick on the Ki was giving me problems. I prefer K instead of K He even doesn’t know what cellphone is and he have no money to buy phone. I’m Never regret, Have funs and enjoy with this phone always.

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While on the other hand, the one in the TFD display is not so realistic and the colors are a bit duller and the color saturation is relatively lower. I like how the included headphones double as a handsfree set and transition from music to phone back to music effortlessly. K is pure multimedia phone with a good cam. The thing about smaller MPs is knowing how to get the best from it. I adjsuted it for landscape, add some effects and shot hand held.

All features of K he mentioned are available except 3G. It has lots of features, and despite having it for so long I have yet to use the Scenes Twilight landscape, twilight potrait, sports, etc feature!


Camera settings: LG Stylo 2 PLUS

Sony Ericsson K official images. That is because, the K makes use of TFD display that obviously provides high brightness and contrast. I watch Film in 3gp.

Berbe “Another Ki pro: Above the K colors TFD display with a x pixels resolution there is only an in-call speaker grill and the Sony Ericsson brand name. I play Doom 3 the most. I think it’s the best point of the camera. It has equalizer o550 mp3 s0ngs.

And yeah, it takes a few glacial seconds for the pictures to be taken. I’ve been experimenting with settings and stuff, you know just getting to know it. The auto focus really helpful!!! Slow camera action; innaccurate colour rendition, difficult to use keypad. The right side of the device features a camera shutter key and a dual volume key which serves the double purpose of zooming in and out when taking pictures or shooting video.

My annoyances include, that it doesn’t have the megabass feature which the Ki has and on the camera front, the video quality isn’t that great. Also, there is a very nice image editor built into the phone that can do auto-levels, contrast, brightness, and a bunch of other nice tools.

Camera settings: LG Stylo 2 PLUS | T-Mobile Support

Its camera is good in proper light conditionto get best result u have to chose proper camera mode, if u chose wrong mode picture becomes yelloish ,blueish. It so fast when opening an applicati0n like opera mini 4 beta. Of course, the Ki is m and there are other cameraphone with 3. He even doesn’t kn I printed some photos in 15×10 cm format and they were really very good.


The port is indeed the regular one use by Sony Ericsson but is unusually positioned on the left side. I guess I’m really disappointed overall with Ki. What I did not like was the sharpening method inside of the telephone not this picture. I have to say that it works pritty well. You can downl0ad l0ts of free themes, games etc. It proved rather successful and that is the reason why the manufacturer naturally releases a more affordable cameraphone to the masses.

Display, keypad, telephony, user interface, phonebook. K550 radio features trackID, which takes a sample of the song you are listening to and looks up the artist, song title, and album