If you want good looks, then you are better off spending more money on the Sony and Toshiba Fusion models that we have previously reviewed. Pretty scanty for today’s standards. The E is only surpassed by one other netbook processor. It might not be flashy on the lid-side, but the design is certainly practical on the interior — the keyboard is sensibly spaced out, with a generous gap left between each key, to cut down on mistakes while typing. It’s a little shorter than the Sony’s time of 3hr 33min, but it’s still a decent result.

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While it doesn’t look ugly, it’s definitely not what you call a good looking netbook.

This could make it difficult for tall persons to find a pleasant viewing angle on their lap. After using the U on your lap for an extensive period of time, you will notice some heat coming from the left side of its chassis near the heat sink.

MSI Wind U270 Series

Visually, the U looks exactly like A device category has been therewith created that is to offer a long battery runtime for low-power tasks, such as surfing or office applications, with energy-efficient hardware. This would be playable with gritted teeth, but it wouldn’t be fun for long. The “S-Bar” is worth mentioning in view of software.


The netbook can unfortunately only be opened to about degrees. But now, a performance arms race can be observed here.

Brand Post Forex Trading Software: The temperature climbs to a maximum of The E is only surpassed by one other netbook processor.

If you are browsing the Web and come across a site that has a lot of Flash ads, for example, it can take up half the CPU and things will slow down noticeably. Furthermore, some heat travels up through the palmrest. Compare These Lenovo Yoga The Windows 7 performance index already indicates an above average benchmark score for up to date netbooks. The appealing performance of netbooks has its price: Moreover, we noticed that the fan management adjusts well to the current load ksi the practical test.

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How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. These diminutive little laptops may soon be replaced by sultry, sleek tablets such as the iPad 2or even hybrid Android slates with attachable keyboards such as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Voltcraft sl 15 cm mi. The AMD E doesn’t exactly count to the most energy efficient models among netbooks with a maximum power consumption TDP of 18 watts.


A typical netbook with Intel graphics records around marks in 3DMark06, so you can see that the Msu is miles better in this regard.

The U does make a good netbook but small sized trackpad and low resolution screen makes it tough to recommend over the competition. The 49 Wh battery supplies approx. The cover on the bottom can be easily removed with two screws.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Like most MSI laptops, its performance is what stands out most. The CPU doesn’t surpass 50 degrees in energy saving mode and u20 rates on the case are far below 30 degrees.

Foreign exchange forex trading is a rapidly-growing in popularity with individual investors. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. But if you did, you’d be able to take advantage of USB 3.

The keyboard on the U has isolated keys and they are of a good size. We executed three measurements, whereby a maximum of minutes was achieved. The picture is quite stable on the horizontal plane.