A good analogy for those old darkroom aficionados out there would be the difference between condenser and diffusion enlargers: Working on the elderly PowerMac G3, where we did all the actual test scanning, we noticed two things. Here are a few of the key points: You can also use the histogram sliders to control the “gamma” midtone boost or cut of all the color channels, either individually or together. Unlike many “clamshell” designs, the slot holding the film is a fixed structure. Speaking from personal experience, the hassle you’ll save will be more than worth it! That is, to a very narrow range of colors around the one selected, or to a broader range of hues.

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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro. If you plan to manipulate the scanned images much on multti computer, you’re better off leaving the unsharp masking go until you’re done with your retouching. Often though, making large moves in the tone curves can adversely affect the color saturation in an prp. You can also type a numeric value into these text boxes. As powerful as it is though, we’d like to see it extended in two ways.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

This is our favorite way to quickly deal with color casts and poor tonal rendition. The maximum pdo of 4, dpi in this Konica Minolta digital film scanner gives you crisp and sharp output. Browse Related Browse Related. For what it’s worth though, it seemed to work pretty well with routine dust specks and light scratches in the emulsion.

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Even the full dpi interpolated scan took only 5 minutes, 9 seconds when performed using the Photoshop plug-in. Show More Show Less. The buttons across the top of dimagf preview area again change, and from right to left perform the following functions:.

In particular, the detail we observed in scans of our resolution test targets was the highest we’ve seen to date.

The top pressure plate then hinges back down and latches, clamping the film flat. The quality is OK.

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This page was last updated: See the “Major Update” immediately below though! This is seriously a lot of data: Times there could very well be quite different. Working on the elderly PowerMac G3, where we did all the actual test scanning, we noticed two things. Here, you can set the image resolution, import a settings file from another scan, and set the output size. You can draw a freehand curve by clicking on the Freehand Curve tool the pencil button to the right of the Tone Curves graphwhich converts the cursor into a pencil draw tool.

Image quality is first rate in every respect: Second, we found that after a large scan, the computer spent quite a bit of time “thinking” about the data after the scanner was obviously through with its work.

You can gently insert a slender probe bent paper clip? Those figures correspond to 99 and megabyte files sizes respectively for 8-bit scan data, or and megabytes! When you insert a holder into acan scanner, it slides easily until it reaches proo click-detent. A particular strength of the Dimage software is the extent to which it provides powerful controls for experienced users, while at the same time offering a simple interface for novices.

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The Auto button at the bottom of the window applies any automatic adjustment, and any change can be undone by pressing the Reset button. You first place the media to be scanned into a holder, then insert the holder into the scanner.

So how does it do? Fujitsu fi Document Scanner For some tough pieces of film, we found ourselves using the histogram to make the gross adjustments, and the curves tool to make fine tweaks in specific tonal ranges. Excellent scanner Excellent scanner, easily scans 35 mm and film into photoshop with great detail, color, sharpness.

As noted in the text though, this is an unusually severe example of film damage. Unsharp Mask Tool The Dimage Scan Multi Pro offers an in-depth Unsharp Mask tool, which can be particularly useful for images that will be going directly into printed publications. These times are amazingly fast, by far the fastest we’ve measured for anything remotely approaching these file sizes on a desktop scanner.