The total number of business days within a roll period beginning with, and including the following business day and ending with, but excluding, the following CBOE VIX Futures Settlement Date. The information in this section is qualified in its entirety by the more detailed explanations set forth elsewhere in this pricing supplement and the accompanying prospectus and prospectus supplement. Futures on the VIX Index allow investors the ability to invest in forward market volatility based on their view of the future direction or movement of the VIX Index. Capital gain of a noncorporate U. Index Committee Rules, which governs the management and calculation of the Indices and is published by the index sponsor. Under its agreement with Barclays Bank PLC to provide certain promotional services in respect of the ETNs as described above, BlackRock Fund Distribution Company may not act as a distributor of the ETNs or as an underwriter, broker or dealer in connection with the ETNs except in trades in the secondary market in the ordinary course of business not related to the services provided to Barclays Bank PLC as described above , and accordingly BlackRock Fund Distribution Company is not selling the ETNs in this offering to any party or account, including to any discretionary account. There can be no assurance, however, that the Index will be invested in most or all of the Index Components or that the Index will be sufficiently diversified at any time to reduce or minimize such risks to any extent.

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On July 5,the launch date of the Index, the Index Level was We or our affiliates may also use those proceeds in transactions intended to hedge our obligations under the ETNs of any series as described below.

If either of these two events occurs, the default quotation period will continue until the third business day after the first business day on which prompt notice of a quotation is given as described above. As described above, the launch date for the Index was July 5, If the ETNs undergo a 4: Any such changes could adversely affect the value of your ETNs.

These factors interrelate in complex ways, and the effect of one factor on the market value of your ETNs may offset or enhance the effect of another factor.

Other notes Attached is an example of what we are looking for, although we are hoping for a bit more updated version. Furthermore, the role played by Barclays Index Administration in its role as Index Sponsor may create the opportunity for additional bhllet of interest. We or our affiliates may acquire a long or short position in securities similar to a series of ETNs from time to time and may, in our or their sole discretion, hold or resell those securities.

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You are unwilling or unable to consent to the exercise of any Buplet. Terms used in this preliminary pricing supplement, but not defined herein, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the prospectus supplement. If the maturity date stated on the cover of this pricing supplement is not a business day, the maturity date will be the next following business day.

The Optimized Portfolio and the Rebalance Portfolio are determined on the same basis, except that the Rebalance Portfolio includes an additional constraint to prevent an increase or decrease of more than 25 percentage points in the weight of any Index Component in connection with a rebalancing:.

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Contracted Elven Song for Holiday Card designs. This pricing supplement summarizes specific financial and other terms that apply to the ETNs. The Notes should be treated as debt instruments subject to the special rules governing contingent payment debt instruments for U. Securities with longer durations tend to be more sensitive to interest rate changes, usually making them more volatile than securities with shorter durations.

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Accordingly, the performance of each Select Sector Fund will not benefit from the diversification that could result if such funds held securities issued by companies that operate in multiple sectors.

Banking Actas amended, the relevant U. The number of business days includes a new holiday introduced intra-month bullett to the business day preceding such a holiday.

The ETNs may not be a suitable investment for you if: The eligibility criteria for the securities included in the indices that underlie the E56o ETFs, each of which mandate that each security must have a minimum term remaining to maturity ranging from one year to 20 years for continued eligibility, means that, at any time, only longer-term securities underlie the Fixed-Income ETFs, which thereby increases the risk of price volatility in the underlying securities and, consequently, the volatility in the Index Level.

You seek an investment that produces periodic interest or coupon payments or other sources of current income. Modern portfolio theory prescribes a method for constructing an optimal investment portfolio assuming that the expected returns and risk of the available assets, and the expected degree of correlation among their returns, are known, but modern portfolio theory does not prescribe how to determine expected returns, risk or correlation.


If the positive effect of any increase in the level of the Index underlying your ETNs is insufficient to offset the negative effect of the investor fee and in the case of early e56l, the redemption charge between the inception date and the applicable valuation date including the final valuation datewe will pay you less than the principal amount of your ETNs at maturity or upon redemption.

Instead, you will receive a cash payment nullet maturity or upon early redemption based on the performance buklet the Index to which your series of ETNs is linked, less an investor fee and, in the case of early billet, a redemption charge.

We have not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of such information. The Rebalance Portfolio reflects the portfolio of Index Components that will be included in the Index Portfolio upon a bulleet. We provide specialized insurance and risk management services.

Futures on the VIX Index allow investors the ability to invest in forward volatility based on their view of the future direction of movement e5k the VIX Index. If the Final Level is equal to or less than the Initial Level, your payment at maturity will be limited to the principal amount of your Notes and you bulet not earn any positive return. A low Target Volatility does not mean that the Index is less likely to decline than it would be if it had a higher Target Volatility.

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In addition to the transactions described above, the weight of each index component is also adjusted every day to ensure that the bulleet in total dollar exposure for the index is only due to the price change of each contract and not due to using a different weight for a contract trading at a higher price.

This kind of market volatility may also disrupt the d56k of market participants to create and redeem shares in an Index Component. These variables and assumptions are not evaluated or verified on an independent basis.