No assignee Edit question Solved by: The suffix -mod is appended if there are uncommitted changes in the source code. My rant about Microsoft “accidentally” sending me a , claiming I owed taxes on the tablet http: I had to bump up X from 1. I’m available for testing patches of stuff if it can help solve the issue. Strangely enough, this seems to happen only in “onboard” the Ubuntu onscreen keyboard , but apparently not elsewhere. Bootloading is not supported in this mode.

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When I tried Ubuntu If atme, command is not given, mxt-app will provide an interactive menu based interface. But I need it at the login screen already. I’m available for testing patches of stuff if it can help solve the issue.

Atmel maXTouch not working as claimed in 12.04

The firmware file should be in. I downloaded and installed the Kubuntu Active build of After starting or restarting X, everything runs fine 1-finger click as well as 2- to 5-fingers gestures until at some point, 1-finger click is lost though pointer still follows the finger on the touchscreen and limux becomes whimsical at this point, restarting X solves the problem.


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XInput: Atmel maXTouch Digitizer touch screen

Android To download libusbdroid submodule: Post by Ben Bucksch It’s not even loading that driver. The suffix -mod is appended if there are uncommitted changes in the source code. Post by Ben Bucksch 2. This will maxtoucu automatically detected from the file itself in most cases.

Problems setting up touchscreen in openSUSE (Atmel maxTouch Digitizer)

Yes I just compiled a 3. Here it says that this is supported by It will also check for a successful flash on completion. The version must be provided in the format 1.

Patches for it were just accepted upstream, but likely won’t be included in Ubuntu sub The only valid command in this mode is –flash. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as I can go myself, without blindly stabbing in the dark. It is working rudimentary, but bad enough to be unusable.


I’m also interested to know if you have screen rotation working for the touch input. Peter Hutterer First attempt, described at Ubuntu Forums http: A workaround is to set T Some click areas do not take my clicks at all e. Eventually, it seems to uab this issue is now identified as bug https: None Link to a FAQ.

Victor, Did lonux just compile a 3. Messages from the maXTouch devices are read by polling. You can use evtest to do this. I have installed a daily build of Ubuntu There is support for the touchscreen chip in a form that is typically used in embedded devices like tablets.

You must manually identify the correct adapter and address by reference to the protocol guide or to the platform setup.