In the case of the cap-weighted index, equation 14 must be adjusted as follows: An artwork i that belongs to comparable set s sold in time t is weighted by a ratio with a numerator representing the average price of all artworks from set s sold in time t. The system then extracts the artist’s auction records from an art database, and the analysts organize and group the art works. Similarly, Comparable Set i,s is a variable taking the value 1 when the artwork i belongs to Comparable Set s and 0 otherwise. This in-house data management system allows a constant monitoring of data to maximize accuracy. The computing system of claim 14, wherein merging the plurality of art index values together comprises giving more weight to higher valued comparable sets than to lower valued comparable sets. Step 1 — Program your content in software, and save to FB4 inside your laser.

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Against the background discussed above, edternal present inventors have invented a sophisticated art index methodology utilizing a large, aggregated public art market database. The equal-weight matrix is: This data limitation has a severe effect on a traditional RSR model, leading to disruptive singularity issues when the amount of comparable sets is large with respect to the amount of data available within each set.


Method for collection of amounts overdue and due by payday-to-payday drafts. Automated system for routing orders for foreign exchange transactions. A combination of these two methodologies may be considered as a conclusive index method as it combines the best attributes of each method.

And you do not need to have a PC, console or anything connected, to trigger the playback. Composite Index Calculations Composite indices i.

This methodology is based on a standard approach that includes forwarding the most recent value of an artist’s individual price level in exxternal composition of the index.


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Tired of error messages, computer crashes, and malfunctioning devices? All indices can be viewed in either monthly or yearly segments, and users have the ability to customize the timeframe for each index graph.

The comparable sets are controlled for quality via an internal review process, which includes another visual consistency check. Where the indicator variable d. The modem 54which may be internal or external, is connected to the system bus 23 via the serial port interface It is appreciated that the network connections shown are exemplary and other means of and communications devices for establishing a communications link between the computers may be used.

The art market is often criticized for being opaque and challenging for new and seasoned participants alike. Information from external sources, such as auction catalogues, may also be used to refine the categorization judgments and spot aberrations or outliers. Completion eventually produces the following results shown in Table The model extension presented employs a common data-based procedure to provide more useful monthly updates of price levels.

Methods, systems and articles of manufacture for managing financial accounts with reward incentives.

A t is the total amount of artists for whom at least one transaction was observed at time t. While the RSR method may be criticized for sample bias due to availability of fewer repeat sales data, HR method is criticized for its specification bias, as the functional form of the hedonic element of the artworks may lead to mis-specification problems, particularly when the form changes.

The drives and their associated computer-readable media provide nonvolatile storage of computer-readable instructions, data structures, program modules, and other data for the computing device With just a few clicks of the mouse you can find out what drivers are out of date.


As shown, at a macro level, the index system generally comprises a plurality of stages or steps of information processing. What follows is a discussion on the various modules of an embodiment of an index generation system of the present invention, the calculations involved in generating the indices, and a guide through the process of viewing and understanding the indices.

Artndt of Artists for Market Sector Indices In some embodiments, artists are ranked based on their yearly performance.

These market indices are extenal by examining, though not bound to, the categorization methods used by auction houses. The index value in the base year may then be scaled toand all index values in following years will be scaled modeem the base year.

These logical connections are achieved by a communication device coupled to or a part of the computing device 12 as the local computer. Exemplary embodiments are illustrated in the referenced figures. The exemplary hardware and operating environment of FIG.


A computer-implemented method for developing an art index, comprising: An artwork i that belongs to comparable set s sold in time t is weighted by a ratio with a numerator representing the average extednal of all artworks from set s sold in time t.

The computing system of claim 12, wherein the estimation module is configured to consider both individual characteristics of the art objects and changes in price of the art objects over time.

In the example of Table 2 above, the matrices Y, X, and W are: Although most auction houses report transaction prices that include a buyer’s premium, some auction houses only report hammer prices.